Province wants to close Springwater Park next spring.

The Barrie Advance reports today that Springwater Park is to be effectively closed in 2013: no animals, no maintenance and no staff to keep an eye on things.

Birth, growth and death of community cohesion possible through local employment:

  • Vespra township, 1837 – 1994,
  • Midhurst Forest Station (tree nursery), 1922 – 1993, and now
  • Springwater Park, 1935? – 2013.

See Midhurst timelinesome of my vintage park postcards and a current petition to stop the closing.

Many memories for many families. After 25 years of working as a shipping clerk at the Tree Nursery, the park was the logical spot for my mom’s retirement party in July 1989.-

The nursery, park and ministry district office were mostly about the people. People like Joe, Ted, …

Judy and Carl.

Ken and Rid.

The superintendents’ house across from the park entrance on Highway 26.

Originally published on on October 4, 2012.


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