An unsupervised Springwater Provincial Park is a predictabe fire hazard.

The insurance underwriters may force the demolition of all park structures including playground equipment, pavilions, buildings, washrooms, etc .

At “The Pit,” a popular youth drinking spot at Milton Cemetery, teens have set up a sofa, chairs and a fire pit. Photo by Scott MacKeen. Milton Times article.

A good article in the Orillia Packet and Times by David Hawke called Closing park a bad gov’t decision Word pdf:

Not only have the captive birds and animals been given the boot; so, too, have the washrooms, playgrounds, picnic tables (of which I estimate to be about 200 in number), buildings and roads. It is to be designated an “inoperative park” and be devoid of any government support. It will, unfortunately, become another Copeland Forest, soon to be claimed by the mountain bikers and bush-party gangs as their secluded playland.

The Simcoe County Forests are mentioned.

The immediate area was denuded of trees in the late 1890s and early 1900s, with abandoned farms and open stretches of dune sand making up the northwest portion of Simcoe County. Starting in 1922, the Midhurst Tree Station (later to be called Springwater Provincial Park) was the birthplace of our world-renowned Simcoe County Forests; trees planted in those early years remain growing there today, quite tall and very impressive.

The first mention of the Vespra Boys cenotaph in the mainstream media:

There is such a rich history within Springwater Park, including a monument dedicated to the “Boys of Vespra” for giving of their lives in the Great War; it stands beside a large and beautiful pond that was hand dug in 1924 to provide water to the blossoming tree nursery.

Fires: There are many buildings made from wood: pavilions, cabins, animal pens,  and washrooms. Uncut grasses can ignite quite easily not to mention 400 acres of 90 year-old trees and several nearby residential houses.

The costs of fighting these fires will be borne by the taxpayers of Springwater Township and Barrie.

Originally posted on on October 15, 2012.


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