The ‘Vespra 149’ Canadian Legion charter colours flew for the 1st time in 38 years this Remembrance Day

A reminder post from Dec 2012.

Vespra Branch 149, (1929 – 1974)

Canadian Legion Branch: 'Vespra 149'

Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League: ‘Vespra 149’

Special thanks to Royal Canadian Legion Branch, Barrie 147 for the 38 year-long  preservation of the ‘Vespra 149’ charter colours.

Especially to Barrie 147 President Lloyd George for loaning them to us for the weekend.

In Canada, several veterans organizations emerged during WWI. The Great War Veterans Association, founded in 1917, was the first national organization for veterans, and by 1919 it was the largest veterans organization in Canada. Following WWI, 15 different organizations existed to aid returning veterans in Canada. Field Marshal Earl Haig, founder of the British Empire Service League (now known as the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League), visited Canada in 1925 and urged the organizations to merge. In the same year, the Dominion Veterans Alliance was created to unite these organizations. In November of 1925, the Canadian Legion was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League. The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League was incorporated by a special act of parliament the following year. The Legion grew steadily through the 1930s and then expanded rapidly following WWII. In 1960, Queen Elizabeth II granted the Legion royal patronage and it became the Royal Canadian Legion. Source

SONY DSCWayne Cameron, master of ceremony


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