The Huronia Woodland Owners’ Association invites SPCC to talk about Springwater Provincail Park closing

I spoke at the White Pine Award meeting on November 17, 2012 at the Elmvale Royal Canadian Legion Branch 262.


I joined this group this year and Chairman John Keeling was kind enough to include me on his agenda.

Huronia board

One of our highest profile program is the Maple Tree Replacement program. I planted three last spring in my own yard to complete what Charlie Day had started. Spaced 25 feet apart, they’ll be just a lovely hard wood border to the south west back of the Midhurst Library on Finlay Mill Road and our home in just 30 years

Huronia maple distribution

Over 190 members very interested in sustainable forestry in Simcoe County.

Huronia members paws off

The Midhurst area has a wealth of world-class forestry expertise that yields concrete economic and health benefits every year to its residents

Huronia Patch

Bruce Keeling (left, with Jim Laking) was awarded the White Pine Award for his great contributions to private woodlots.

For sale 128

The trees are ordered and were distributed this year at the Oro Fairgrounds in the spring.

For sale 125

With over 12,000 native trees planted since 2006, the Maple Tree Replacement program is well worth private…

For sale 130

..and our public agency’s moral and financial support.

Interested in joining this very worthwhile effort? Please contact Carl at


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