Will this be the last winter for Chrissy the white wolf at Springwater Provincial Park?

All the animals, even the swans, will be gone anytime the MNR wants…at the latest by March 31st this year.

Chrissy, Furley the black bear, the one-eyed fox, the two bald eagles and Apple (the doe/ham cross), they’ll all survive…But what will happen to the next generation of unwanted creatures that the private animal sanctuaries can’t make a buck on?

Don’t blame your local veterinarian for being forced to “take care” of the future orphans , imprinted and injured indigenous animals that are discarded as having a “life unworthy of life” (Lebensunwertes Leben).

Want to Help?: Which ever park advocacy group you support (Friends of Springwater Park or us), you might consider talking to them first.

Two Groups, Two Cash Donation Records:

Before you invest your time, credibility and (God forbid) money, make sure you trust the money is going to go directly to saving the park.

A great video by Sean Keepingbtw.

Q: Which politician said at Queen’s Park: Why would you bother to care for any kinds of animals that’d you see dead on the side of the road every day, anyways?

Good question. What do you think?


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