MNR News Release: Ontario Launches Pilot at Three Provincial Parks

So it looks like the MNR can find common ground with 3 (all NDP elected, btw) communities but our true blue leaders can’t save Springwater Park?

Hon. Michael Gravelle“I’m proud that we were able to work collaboratively with municipal partners to continue to offer camping at these three parks. We responded to the concerns we heard from northerners with a pilot that, I hope, will make these parks more economical and help guide future decision making for our fantastic parks system.”

Michael Gravelle
Minister of Natural Resources

Q: What about Kellie Leitch, MP Simcoe Grey?

A: If you ever, ever, ever find yourself in need of just information (no $, no effort  just a referral  about a nationally registered cenotaph, pray to God that this physician is off duty: 100% no response over 3.5 months.

From the Ontario Newsroom, today:

Ontario Launches Pilot at Three Provincial Parks
McGuinty Government Working to Increase Park Revenue and Visitation Rates

Ontario is working with the Town of Hearst, the Township of Moonbeam and the City of Timmins to keep visitor services at provincial parks in their areas.

Under a two-year pilot project, Ontario Parks will work with the respective municipalities to operate Fushimi Lake, René Brunelle and Ivanhoe Lake provincial parks, with the goal of increasing their revenue and visitation rates. Municipal partners will be responsible for covering any financial losses incurred during the pilot period.

In September 2012, the province announced it was changing these parks from operating to non-operating designation along with seven others because of low visitation and occupancy levels that resulted in financial losses.

Working collaboratively with municipalities is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to strengthen the economy and sustain jobs for families.

Simcoe County is a provincial political wasteland because it is so blue over the years.

Everyone blames the kitten-eater even in the face of:

  1. the Rae/NDPers destroying the tree nursery system (Midhurst Forest Station),
  2. the Harris government gutted 50% of what was left out of the MNR’s budget, and
  3. the Hudak crowd wanting to do 2. times 10 for their buddies (hello Walkerton, Ipperwash).

But go ahead: keep voting blue until there are no public goods and every forest has been clear-cut or paved over.


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