Idle No More needs to confront Patrick Brown, and other Conservative MPs.

It takes a strong man to swim against the current because…

20130117 Wanzel

Kieran Wadge – Baksg, 7, joins the Idle No More Day of Action protest which briefly shut down the intersection of Duckworth Street and and Georgian Drive in Barrie, Wednesday morning. Mark Wanzel /The Barrie Examiner /QMI

…any dead fish will float with it

An interesting editorial article: Idle No More protest must focus on government reps

Why is Brown supporting legislation that so many native leaders say is wrong?

Is Bill C-45 a done deal, or will the federal government consider changes?

Must native leaders go to court to challenge this law?

Harper and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) have, in the past, taken a dim view of MPs who speak out of turn, or who even speak without the PMO’s authorization, about controversial issues.

Many Conservative MPs, including Brown, have always denied this is the case and said MPs are free to speak their minds.


6 Responses to Idle No More needs to confront Patrick Brown, and other Conservative MPs.

  1. Oliver and Janice Macdonald says:

    We really like the work of your coalition in terms of supporting Springwater Park. Thanks for what you are doing to save the park!

    However, we don’t understand why you are linking the Idle No More Movement to the work of the coalition. We (and the majority of Canadians) don’t support the Idle No More Movement and we don’t think it is right to link the two causes. You will alienate supporters such as our family using that tactic. They are two separate issues. Saving Springwater Park is a non-partisan issue – people of all politican persuasions can rally around its banner. We do have a sign up for the Save Springwater Park Coalition – if we keep it up, does it mean that we are also endorsing Idle No More? Because then we would definately take the sign down. Please don’t link the two causes, you will hurt the cause of Springwater Park that way. It is really important to be nonpartisan and focus on just the park to gain public trust from a broad spectrum of the population for the cause.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely Oliver and Janice


    • Les Stewart says:

      Oliver and Janice,

      You are absolutely free to support, independently any community efforts you choose. The success/failure of any specific movement (ie. Dumpsite 41, Mega-Quary, Springwater Park) rises and falls on its own.

      At the SPCC we believe that to build a sustainable future for Springwater Park, it’s necessary to recognize the history of the land. The academic record indicates European stewardship for about 150 years, first nations, for it is estimated for 5,000 years. It took less than 50 years in the 1800s to turn Simcoe County into a literal desert.

      It is our position that we can learn a fair amount about sustainability from our aboriginal neighbours. Others don’t share that opinion and they’re perfectly free to start their own group up which we would encourage. At the SPCC, we work with any group that is acting in good faith.


  2. Maria says:

    Les, what specifically is being done to prevent the closure of Springwater Park and where/how can the public show its dissatisfaction with this course of action?


    • Les Stewart says:


      You should contact Minister Michael Gravelle and ask him to appoint an Advisory Committee. Ask him to enable community groups to be involved int the process. Maybe provide a 1 year moratorium on the closing of Springwater Provincial Park. See details under the “My MNR” tab.



      • Maria says:

        Thank you Les.

        Perhaps it would be helpful to others if you would include the mailing and email address for the Minister and the MPPs for the relevant areas. I may have missed them – sorry if I did.


      • Les Stewart says:

        Maria, Sorry about that. The contact information is on the home page, on the tabs marked “*My ON MNR *”, “*My Simcoe County Councillor *”, “*My Township Councillor *”….that kind of thing. Les


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