Springwater Provincial Park sits on disputed territory

Myiingan explains about the pre-confederation Treaty 16 and the legal requirement to consult and accommodate First Nations.

20130117 Idle no more Jeff b

Today’s teach-in at the Ministry of Natural Resources district office on Nursery Road, about 500 metres north of the park’s main entrance. as seen on CTV Barrie (start at 4:43).

20130117 Idle no more b

SPCC was very happy to be invited by Idle No More to be there and speak to the efforts to save the park on a bright, -16 C morning.

20130117 Idle no more Don b

AWARE Simcoe is simply outstanding as is all the other groups such as the Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association.

20130117 Idle no more Chrissy b

This is the 3rd time the MNR has tried to get rid of the animals such as Chrissy.

The SPCC believes that the park animal sanctuary is appropriate and should not be changed without the full consultation and accomodation of all communities” staring with first nations.

What do you think?


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