Many thanks to friends at the Barrie Farmers’ Market

Three weeks of lively discussion and sharing information.

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A special thanks to our volunteers and their families for their hard work.


And for our supporters…


…this is just the beginning.

If any service group would like to have someone from the SPCC come and talk about Springwater Park’s future, please contact Les at 705 737-4635.


A Family Meeting Place: This is an 1882 published wood engraving of Barrie’s town hall and market building (1856-1985). See the steepled church in the background?: this is the second St. Mary’s Church which stood from 1872 to 1971.


4 Responses to Many thanks to friends at the Barrie Farmers’ Market

  1. lgibbon says:

    Hi Les,Do you remember the beautiful copy of that engraving that Bobi Grant had made and had it posted up on the “arch” after city hall was torn down? It was only up for a short while and someone stole it. I have Margot Andersons’s drawing of the old city hall in my living room.Lynne

    Birding bliss:”..a fleeting moment with a creeping phantom of the marsh.” Chris Duke

    Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 12:52:00 +0000 To:


    • Les Stewart says:

      Lynne, I don’t remember that engraving but I have a few other vintage postcards from downtown Barrie that I will put up. Thanks for the comment, Les


  2. Raymond Eales says:

    Hello Les:
    Many years ago we lived in a streetcar near the park, at the foot of Patti Dunns Hill. Do you remember, or do you know of anyone who has a picture of the streetcar? My father worked on the snowplow, sometimes as the wingman.
    A tornado went through when we lived there, but we survived.
    I will call you on the phone about saving the park,as we also have memories of the animals, and picnics at the park.
    We cannot keep losing these recreation places for the working people.



    • Les Stewart says:


      This is fascinating. I don’t immediately remember but I know people with whom I can check. Please give me a call so I can get some more details so I can hunt this down. Always interested in old photographs of anything to do with the Midhurst, the Tree Nursery or the park. Thanks for checking in, Les


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