What did The Hon. E.C. Drury think of speculators?

They were thieves who became rich while impoverishing others.


Thievery has always been the curse of humanity, and to it may be ascribed many of our economic and social ills. Theft may be defined as the process of taking something, whether from individuals or from society at large, and giving in return nothing, or less than its true value. 

Thieves may be divided into three classes. First, those who operate outside the law: pickpockets, highwaymen, burglars, forgers. Their depredations are annoying, but in the aggregate not fatal: we catch many of them and put them in jail.

Second, those who steal within the law: land speculators, stock manipulators, price fixers. Their take is very much greater than that of the first class, but since they break no existing law they cannot be punished. I recently read a magazine article by a highly respected multimillionaire who told how he had acquired his wealth. Unlike doctors, waitresses, carpenters, teachers, ministers of the Gospel, he had produced nothing and given no service: he had simply devised a foolproof method of playing the stock market. Other men were poorer because he was richer, and this, I think, is the acid test.

In other words he was a thief.

— Farmer Premier: The Memoirs of E.C. Drury, E. C. Drury, McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1966, p. 197-8.

At the southeast corner of Highways 11 and 93 (Penetanguishene Road).

Hon. Ernst Charles and Ella A. Partridge Drury.

Mrs. Drury taught in Midhurst before marrying on January 11, 1905 (see S.S. No. 6, 1901 class photograph).


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