IMPORTANT MEETING: “Wear your Bear” to Simcoe County council this Thursday at 9 am.

The County of Simcoe is presenting their best efforts at cutting a deal with the Ministry of Natural Resources to save Springwater Park.

Bear buttons

Now is the time to pack the visitor gallery.

Four parts to this Meeting

1. Agenda for the Performance Management Committee, County of Simcoe, Feb 14, 2013

Document: click here.

2. Item 2: Deputation by Mr. Les Stewart for the Springwater Park Citizens‘ Coalition, questions, 9:00 am sharp

Submitted document: SPCC Deputation. (actual speech may vary)

3. Item 29: Report by County Staff, maybe at 11:00 am (last item)

Submitted document: Staff report.

4. Discussions on report by Councillors.

See who speaks and who obeys other people by staying silent.

Teach your children well.

All citizens, but especially the young, have to bear respectful physical witness to authority in defence of their values.

Help the County of Simcoe remediate the Ministry of Natural Resources’s bad faith actions.


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