Is the provincial government both fueling and profiting from a real estate bubble which benefits developers, the MNR sales team and the County of Simcoe?

What is necessary to do is to break the back of any public resistance, ignore all pretense of obeying consultation requirements, get rid of the animals and let the park degenerated into another Lackies Bush.

springwater-land-use-map 10

Springwater Provincial Park is the blue area (477 acres) which is the heart of county and provincial forests (developable land).

A +150 million waste water treatment plant is expected to be built near the pink area (#14).

When the provincial government dropped their appeal to some of the Midhurst Secondary Plan, the selling price of the provincial crown land (yellow), Simcoe County forests (green) and old gravel pit (pink) should increase substantially. — see details

The blocks represent these areas:

  1. Springwater Provincial Park 477 acres (193 ha.)
  2. Provincial crown land    1,087 acres (435 ha.),
  3. Simcoe County forest 2, 290 acres (927 ha.),
  4. Midhurst Secondary Plan (approved only) 741 acres (300 ha.),
  5. Former gravel pit (pink, #14)?
  6. Total 4,595 acres (1,855 ha.)

The Ministry of Natural Resources says that there no plans to sell the park lands. I really want to believe them.

  • Springwater Park represents only 10.4%  of the total area for the mega development.

How long could the non-operating park last surrounded by these and other developments once the pavilions are set fire to, the ponds are broken and the “CSI Springwater Park“‘ reputation  is established?

  1. The MNR has a monopoly on the dispostion of public lands and forests,
  2. The MNR controls 87% of the land in Ontario,
  3. Parks Ontario controls 10% of all Ontario lands, and
  4. only 0.6% of parkland acreage is in their southern region.



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