There might be more trust of the County if community groups were allowed inside the back room with the MNR.

The County says they’re powerless to save Springwater Park.

Wanzel chickadee

A black-capped chickadee lands on the fence of one of the animal inclosures at Springwater Provincial Park. The future of several animals at the park will lie with the province as they decide the long-term direction of Springwater Provincial Park, north of Barrie. (Mark Wanzel Photo)

A good article in the Barrie Examiner by Ian McInroy called Delegation to speak to council Thursday

What supporters of Springwater Provincial Park want and what the County of Simcoe can deliver may be two different things.

The 193-hectare park, located north of Barrie, will be on the agenda of county councillors Thursday morning during a performance management meeting.

Has the county done enough to save the park?

Groups opposed to the park’s status being changed have suggested the county could be doing more to preserve it and members of the Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition (SPCC) will be attending Thursday’s meeting, according to the coalition’s Les Stewart, who is making a delegation to council at the meeting…

“The message I would be saying to the county is the public is way further ahead on this issue of keeping Springwater Park open than the county appears to be,” Stewart said. “They should be coming with a clear plan and a budget.

“The public doesn’t look to Springwater Township or the county for permission to have Springwater Park, thank you very much,” he added.

“The SPCC believes the county communities strongly desire our municipalities to respond with an integrated, sustainable and financially prudent business plan to retain, renew and restore Springwater Park for its next century of service.”

The first meeting on November 12, 2012 at Queen’s Park was open to citizens’ groups.

  • Ever since then, the MNR, county, township and Jim Wilson have done the deals behind closed doors, without any public transparency.

Where was the trust of community interests then? And why should it be reciprocated now?

The County of Simcoe has 927 ha. (2,290 acres) and the Ministry of Natural Resources 435 ha. (1,087 acres) of forest lands within the red-hot Springwater Township development bubble.

Both may very well profit if Springwater Park was closed.


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