John Ralston Saul on “Aboriginal Peoples and the Law”, York University, this Tuesday

Catch one of Canada’s leading intellectuals this Tuesday.

Saul lecture1

Reserve your tickets here.

A fair country2

From book jacket:

We are not a civilisation of British or French or European inspiration. We never have been.

In this startling original vision of Canada, renowned thinker John Ralston Saul argues passionately that Canada is a Métis nation, heavily influenced and shaped by Aboriginal ideas. First, he says we are far more Aboriginal than European. That we strangely fail to recognize this holds our country back. Our taste for negotiation over violence, our comfort with a constant tension between individual and groups, our gut belief in egalitarianism – all of these come from our Aboriginal roots. The power of diversity in Canada has a long history, stretching back four centuries to the Aboriginal idea of the inclusive circle.

Second, Saul argues that the famous phrase peace, order and good government that supposedly defines Canada is a distortion of the country’s true nature. Every historic statement, constitution or major document before the BNA Act referred to peace, welfare and good government. As he demonstrates, this was never a mere formula. The well-being of the citizen was the intent.

Operating under mythologies that take neither of these truths into account, our elites – whether political, administrative or business – have become increasingly ineffective, slipping back into colonial insecurity and afraid to advance Canada’s interests.

To unleash our energy, we must embrace our Aboriginal and egalitarian nature. This will give us the strength to transform the weakness of our elites.

Brilliantly conceived, witty, persuasively argued, A Fair Country will forever change how Canadians see themselves and their country.

Terry and I heard Dr. Saul speak in 2008. We’ll be there on Tuesday.

This is an important book if you wish to know why modern CDN elites are so dysfunctional.


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