Is it fair shifting the load onto the community and its volunteers to save/kill Springwater Park?

There’s been some talk about giving the community another 12 months to prove we deserve Springwater Park.

An interesting concept.


We started the SPCC in October 2012 with a $10 donation. Most of our budget is unfunded.


If it doesn’t jingle it doesn’t count.


So Mayor Collins’ administration suggests the Barrie and Springwater community groups are to collect sufficient money, build bridges and “prove” we deserve our 107 year old park?

And if it fails in 12 months, whom would you want us to blame?

A Comment from an Examiner Reader:

We don’t need another year of inaction from the MNR! So far they have shown absolutely NO goodwill in trying to work out a plan with the people who love this park. And there has still been NO consultation with First Nations either on the status of SPP! By now the province should have at least let people know that they were listening and interested in saving the park, but all we get is dead silence!

We also don’t need another year for fundraising. It’s NOT about money! SPP can easily be self-sustaining if it is managed and promoted properly. The first thing they need to do is replace the debit machine at the front gate and allow the county to get involved in promoting the park. And when people buy season passes online that money needs to go directly to SPP. And when there is any logging done in the park, that money needs to go to SPP.


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