The City of Barrie to join the County and Township in asking for another 12 months for Springwater Park

The objective seems to be to ask the Ministry of Natural Resources for one more year in the 107 year old park’s life.

Peter Silveira

Laurie Watt writes in the Barrie Advance  today: Township, county, city join together in park fight.

The lack of MNR consultation seems to be a sticking point:

Ward 5 Coun. Peter Silveira said the province should have consulted the community – including many families in Barrie, about a park that’s just a short drive from his north-end ward.

“(The province) should know that public parks embody the Canadian tradition of preserving public lands for the benefit of all. Queen’s Park must understand parks are not civic frills. It’s a right and a necessity, especially now when we see that more than half of our population now inhabits urban centres,” said Silveira.

The behind-the-scenes work continues:

Last week at the Ontario Good Roads Association conference, Springwater and Simcoe County lobbied Minister of Natural Resources David Orazietti for a one-year reprieve before the animals – a main attraction – are moved out and the park’s amenities boarded up or removed.


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