Stopping Dump Site 41 should be commemorated officially and permanently by our governments

Springwater Park would be an excellent location if the County of Simcoe continues to refuse to recognize the value of volunteerism.

Danny Beaton John Bacher

Danny Beaton, Steve Ogden, John Bacher in Bradford. (l to r)

In this April 10, 2010 Bradford Time article by Miriam King, Danny Beaton’s contribution is singled out: Danny Beaton recognized for role in protecting water

Back in 2008, Danny Beaton, a Turtle Clan Mohawk of Grand River, came to Bradford. He and 2 companions were walking from Tiny Township to Queen’s Park, to draw attention to a proposed dumpsite, “Site 41.”

There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

The Site 41 Landfill caught the attention of the country, and environmentalists everywhere, and the protest grew. Beaton was one of the citizens involved in a peaceful blockade of the site – and was arrested, and briefly, jailed for his protest.

That protest, and those arrests, turned the tide at the County of Simcoe – and last year, County Councillors voted to abandon plans to construct a landfill site on the land.

Now Beaton has been honoured for his 2008 “Walk for Water.” He was one of 14 Canadians recognized at the 17th annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards on March 26 in Regina, receiving an Environment & Natural Resources award for more than 20 years of “defending and protecting Mother Earth from environmental destruction.”

Beaton has a long history of working to protect aboriginal communities from environmental destruction. In 1992, he received the Governor General’s Medal for his efforts, which including defending the caribou herds in Alaska, the sacred lands of the Seminole in Florida, and working with indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.

These matters unfold on their own timetable.


One Response to Stopping Dump Site 41 should be commemorated officially and permanently by our governments

  1. Kimberly says:

    What’s wrong with joining other groups and asking other groups to join this one? The more exposure, the better. The more, the merrier. What’s wrong with writing books and recording history? Some of us like to read.
    The only negative attitudes that I have experienced have come from Ian Taylor and Rich Fleming (or is it Sutherland? Never can be too sure). Ian, you seem to think that you’re losing some kind of battle. Are you afraid that someone is stealing your thunder? It’s not a competition. We’re all supposed to be on the same side. Why the negativity?


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