Dr. John Bacher adds a much-needed perspective to the squandering of Springwater Park’s heritage

Free lecture tonight: Dr. John Bacher, Huronia Room, 2nd Floor, Barrie City Hall, 7:30 pm, March 14th.

Bacher University College

Dr. Bacher spoke at University College, University of Toronto on January 17, 2013.

Cheryl Browne writes for the Barrie Examiner today about tonight’s talk and Friday’s park tour in Group will be touring Springwater Park on Friday:

“Springwater Park used to be a bleak and barren landscape, made up of mostly sand,” Bacher said. “The park was created as a demonstration of what could be done with a wasteland.”

In 2011, Bacher and his wife biked from the Agricultural College at Guelph University to former premier Ernest Charles Drury’s farm — who was Ontario’s provincial leader from 1919 to 1923 — in Crown Hill. Their ride mirrored the path Ontario Forester Edmond Zavitz travelled in 1905 to persuade politicians, like Drury, to develop a strategy for reforesting the province.

Bacher said Zavitz’s ride began the One Billion Trees drive, when the province grew its forested land from only 8% to 20%.

“Springwater Park is the sort of inspiration that causes other people to do reforestation in other places, such as Grey County and Dufferin County,” he said.

Dr. Bacher will be addressing the joint meeting of the Barrie Historical Association and the Simcoe County Historical Association.

And at the end of the article:

MNR officials have said no part of the park will be sold.

Two Billion Trees


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