Sunnidale Park in Barrie should be a model for protecting Springwater Provincial Park from being sold

Sunnidale Park is Barrie’s largest park because citizens acted together and spoke truth to authority

Donna Douglas

An inspiring, “call to arms” article by Donna Douglas in today’s Barrie Examiner, Time to step up to the plate… or, the forest:

The current Ontario government says making Springwater Park non-operational will save $100,000 a year of provincial money. You and I both know how easy it is for any government to waste $100,000 somewhere else.

Once Springwater Park is gone, it’s gone. The species of birds and animals that live there (wolves, bear, beaver, deer, peacocks, and on and on) will be gone. While the land has a ‘protected’ designation right now, we all know how quickly a property can be ‘unprotected.’

Does a large, protected green space matter to you and your family?

Will the MNR sell the 477 acres?

Will a jewel that has been the site of reunions, family picnics, corporate family events, cross-country skiing, visiting animals and birds housed there, the cenotaph for Boys of Vespra, will this jewel also become an industrial location, or housing (it’s very close to the Snow Valley Estates development), or a mall?

Now, right now, is the time to take the family, walk the trails and decide if this matters to you.

 What to do?…

If you’d like to explore this issue and get to know Springwater Park a little, Sunday afternoon will give you the opportunity.

At 2 p.m., meet at the MNR Office on Nursery Road, across from Springwater Park, on Highway 26, just past Simcoe County Museum. Supporters are walking to the main pavilion in the park, returning back after a series of activities.

I hope to see you at the park on Sunday with your family.


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