Happy Easter

Jean Vanier Daily Thought


People who do not have an identity, who have not put down roots and do not have a clear set of values, cannot be really open to others. They cannot give because they do not really know who they are, what they want and what they are capable of. Those, on the other hand, who have a strong identity, but who are closed in on themselves and on their own particular circle, behind solid walls, are convinced that they are right. They judge and condemn people who do not see things their way. Either they are in danger or suffocation, or they tend to create conflict.

Those who have an identity and who are open to people different from themselves will gradually become people of compassion, peace and reconciliation. Through humble and simple acts, through listening and kindness, they will bring peace and unity. By directing their abilities towards communion, they will help others to live their humanity more fully and to be united in love and in a common purpose. Openness also implies trying to understand those who are different, and those who use their authority to oppress people, in order to find ways of entering into dialogue with them. Openness impels us to make space for them in our hearts.

Jean Vanier, Our Journey Home, p 146



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