Dale Goldwalk takes a bite out of the closing of Springwater Park

Dale has helped here and here and here.

Goldhawk Fights Back

But he’ll be at Springwater Park this Saturday to ask the hard questions that he’s been known for the 80 years of investigations he’s done on behalf of the “underdog”. [Not quite that long but it seems like that to the 1%.]

Goldhawk drum

Dale was crucial in the amazing defeat of the Dump Site 41 fiasco. And so was drumming.

Your elected municipal, township, provincial and federal politicians have all mean emailed to brag about their actions (not words) to save this 108 year old cultural treasure.

  • This is an invitation for you (their boss?)  to help an award-winning, national investigative journalist get to the bottom of this issue.

When a goldhawk bites, You stay bit:

  1. Mr. Goldhawk is interviewing Elizabeth Brass Elson from Beausoleil First Nations tomorrow (Wed April 3rd) from 11 to 1 pm on his live radio show
  2. Then, he’s traveling from Toronto to visit Simcoe County to see some old freinds and others on Saturday April 6th (at 11 am: confirmed). The comments, concerns, issues will be broadcast to his central ON audience for Monday April 8th.

To Do: Lots of questions to his live radio show (416 360 0740, 866 740 4740 Tel) and lots of bodies in the park on Sat would be great.

  • All our elected, business and civic leaders have been invited by email to attend, brag/defend their actions in the last 6 months and show the province who their “Made in Simcoe” really serves.


1. Interview with Elizabeth Brass Elson from Beausoleil First Nations and  Dale Goldhawk

April 3, 2013, 11 to 1 pm

Live Radio

2. Come talk to Dale Goldhawk about Springwater Park at the park
This Saturday…Bring the kids…Details to follow.

Tell him and your politiicans what you think of losing this 108 year cultural treasure.

3. Letters to the Editor?
Comments on articles?
Official response from Barrie elected, civic, faith and business elites as to the tone of comments on 1st Examiner article?


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