Thoughtful Ontarians trust Dale Goldhawk and Dale backs the Springwater Park aboriginal protest

Canada’s wealth comes from the land. Degrading the land’s ancient stewards, poisons everyone’s future.


Cheryl Browne writes in today’s Barrie Examiner. Dale Goldhawk backs Springwater Park protestpdf

Two First Nations women moved into the log cabin nestled amongst the pines five days ago and have settled in comfortably for the time being.

“We’re not leaving until this is done,” said Patricia Watts, sitting in a chair beside the warm wood stove.

“Until there is some form of memorandum of understanding with our leaders, we’ll stay,” echoed her roommate, Elizabeth Brass Elson.

Camping out as a peaceful but powerful means of insisting on treaty rights.

On Wednesday, the women welcomed an old ally, Dale Goldhawk of AM740 Zoomer Radio, who protested alongside Watts and Brass Elson in 2009 during their fight to save the natural aquifer under the proposed Site 41 landfill.

They recorded a quiet interview for his Goldhawk Fights Back radio show, and further taping of the episode will continue at the park between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday.

“He’s got such a big following – so many people listen to him – we need to hear their voices now,” said Brass Elson.

And about the politicians that Dale would like to talk to?:

Sitting in the log cabin with the women on Friday, Les Stewart of Springwater Park Citizen’s Coalition said he’s invited all local politicians.

“(Simcoe-Grey MPP) Jim Wilson said he’s coming, but I’m not sure who else is going to come,” Stewart said.

Brass Elson added, “They should come and listen to the people who are paying their salaries.”

See you on Saturday.


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