Do you know why the non-operational Springwater Park has a few overnight guests now?

Get smart because if their rights are protected, yours will be too.


At the Dale Goldhawk’s April 6th event: money for pandas, no money for our orphaned indigenous wildlife.

An interesting letter to the editor by Marilyn Desani, Help Re-Open Springwater Parkpdf

As of March 31, Springwater Provincial Park was rendered non-operational. This means the park has been closed to vehicle traffic, the bathroom and cabin facilities have been locked up, and the park can only be accessed during the day on foot. Any trails, bridges, roads and pathways in the park will no longer be maintained. This means fallen logs will not be cleared, snow paths will not be groomed, and if the bridges start to decay, they will not be repaired or replaced.

Springwater has been operating under officially-recognised Provincial Park status since 1958, but was considered a park long before then. Currently the 193-hectare forest is in its 108th year as a park, during which many generations of local families have visited and enjoyed its natural beauty.

Why an “occupation” now”?:

Several members of the local First Nations have taken up temporary residence in the park to protest until it is reopened and all services resumed, and to ensure that the animals stay where they belong or are handed over to suitable caregivers in a land claim.

The Ministry closed the park due to “budget reasons.”

However, they never consulted the local population about the closure or sought another solution.

Consultations: It’s very simple,  under treaty AND provincial law, First Nations must be consulted.

  1. They should have been consulted (and weren’t) last October.
  2. And any “deal” now to re-open must include their consultations.

Every panda knows that.

Camp Nibi (First Nations camp at Springwater Park) should only been seen as a threat by those wishing to strip the animals out and have the land fall into misuse.


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