First Nations stewards will have solved the Dump Site 41, Mega Quarry and now Springwater Park foolishness. It’s only a matter of time.

The Anishinabe mothers took action on April 1st to save the animals and land from exploitation. The MNR had been very clearly warned months previously this would happen if they continued to not consult First Nations on the use of this treaty disputed land.

We are the stewards of the land

Ask anyone involved in Dump Site 41 and the Mega Quarry who broke the issue. Ask especially the 18 retired farmers, Sunday school teachers and butter tart makers who were arrested on the most bogus of charges.

An early and interesting article by Erich Jacoby-Hawkins called First Nations protest can only help park situation draws the need for green space in the midst of what seems to be unchecked sprawl in Simcoe County:

This park is a unique gem where people can see the native wildlife living near or sometimes in our sprawling communities. With this area targeted for heavy growth in coming decades, that valuable link with nature only becomes more important.

Not particularly loving some of the paternalism but Erich’s heart is in the right place when he correctly points out the racism and lack of correct institutional response.

Now, once again, our downtrodden First Nations people are putting their own lives on hold to protect what is of value to us all. Park occupation may finally force the government to give a meaningful response to our community’s concerns.

I commend these bold women, because not only do I think they face arrest and conviction, they now must withstand the racist backlash I already see on news comment pages. No Johnny-come-latelies, Idle No More has enjoined this struggle from the start, hosting teach-ins and protests, and its members have now put forward their bodies as a last resort where sensible words have failed.

I hope that with the Site 41 and mega-quarry victories already on the board, together we can help nature score a hat trick.

Dump Site 41. Mega Quarry. Springwater Park.

  • You can count on it because they only get involved when they know they’ll win.

The penalties for losing for them are just too severe.


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