Stopping Dump Site 41 changed Simcoe County peoples’ willingness to swallow our institutions’ lunacy.

A multi-million dollar industrial garbage complex built over the world’s cleanest water in Tiny Township?

Keith Ina Woods Beth

Keith Woods, Elizabeth Brass Elson and Ina Woods at Camp Nibi

Over 20 years of settler nation protest against Dump Site 41; solved with a 160 day First Nation encampment. The first time First and Settler Nations united together. AWARE Simcoe is the legacy of that social justice innovation. Two of the 18 arrested (7 Natives and 11 Settlers) raise their voice in support of Elizabeth Brass Elson and the establishment of Camp Nibi (aboriginal camp at Springwater park).

This is spelled out by Keith and Ina Wood in today’s Midland Mirror opinion page, Keep Springwater Park open:

Full excerpt:

NORTH SIMCOE – Two brave, heroic native women are occupying a cabin at Springwater Park. They are protesting the closure of the park by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in the hope that it can be turned into a learning centre.

Springwater Park has always been a popular destination where families would picnic, walk the trails, and see all the birds and animals native to Simcoe County. It is a beautiful, treed area where one can cross-country ski or walk without worrying about huge crowds.

Signs the ladies erected advertising their protest have been removed by park officials. This is Crown land and should be enjoyed by all. The officials say the park has not been making enough money to justify keeping it open. Perhaps the fee they were asking was prohibitive to many families.

Why is this closure happening? Who is profiting? Why is the public not consulted? We would like some answers. The people of Simcoe County are not happy with the way business is being conducted.

Keith and Ina Wood, Tiny Township

The SPCC knew the only hope for a sustainable Springwater Park rested on our relationship with our First Nations’ brothers and sisters. Local, provincial or federal institutions cannot be trusted when they’re acting as if they’ve been 100% captured by big money interests. My family has been a member of AWARE Simcoe for 18 months. I met Elizabeth because she is a board member of AWARE Simcoe.

Representative government has been put in the deep freeze during the County’s grotesquely unsustainable growth delusion.


One Response to Stopping Dump Site 41 changed Simcoe County peoples’ willingness to swallow our institutions’ lunacy.

  1. Ann says:

    Great picture!
    I’m sure Beth and Patricia were happy to have you drop by.
    Wonderful to see Keith and Ina out and about again.
    You’re an inspiration to us all!


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