Any community groups that are sucking up to the MNR when Springwater Park ownership is under question, are helping provoke a confrontation.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and First Nations hold opposing views about the ownership of the Springwater Park lands.

oka crisis

At this time, Any groups that are allies to the MNR, are adversaries of First Nation thought leaders and their supporters.

There cannot be a simpler or classic military and power maxim: My adversary’s friend is my adversary.

Every institution will seek to “divide-and-conquer” by allying themselves with well-meaning but naive community groups. Using volunteer groups as a “wedge” to divide and confuse is a very old tactic to undermine social justice actions.

For example, even talk about physically altering a nationally recognized military cenotaph at the park can escalate to something like the Oka Crisis.

Leave these matters to trained professionals. Have the common sense to stand there and do nothing until those with the technical and legal background do their work at resolving this ownership issue.

The Springwater Park Citizens’ Coalition has never sought any special relationship with the MNR:

  1. no confidential accommodations,
  2. no meetings,
  3. no special favours,
  4. no not for-profit status,
  5. no fundraising help,
  6. no unauthorized use of the Ontario Parks’ intellectual properties (there is a process in place to become a “Friends of Springwater Provincial Park” that no one has completed but has fundraised using),
  7. no informal park warden or auxiliary program,  
  8. no “Park Ambassador” program, and
  9. absolutely never certification under Ontario Parks’ franchise-like “Friends of Provincial Park” program.

If the MNR continues to try to use the community groups to “wedge” the protesters out of Springwater Park, it will be the MNR who will be responsible for the aboriginal warriors getting called in because the ladies are not leaving

Anyone want to see the park totally locked down and lost for all public use like Ipperwash is now? For details on the current situatilon at the “temporarily” closed Ipperwash Provincial park, see the 2012 London Free Press article: Paradise Lost.

And still the Premier’s office refuses to talk to First Nations’ Chiefs.


4 Responses to Any community groups that are sucking up to the MNR when Springwater Park ownership is under question, are helping provoke a confrontation.

  1. The MNR is not party to any treaties and ALL people are Treaty People, educate yourselves with mostly non-government information sources for the treaty truths…ie. ask the First Nation involved and please, please, please…don’t believe anything taught in school…follow your heart too… 😉


    • Les Stewart says:

      Thanks for the comments Steven. It’s my understanding that the MNR is responsible under treaty law to hold crown land in trust for First Nations and to aid in its stewardship. The idea of “trespassing” on public land is ludicrous because aboriginals never gave up their pre-treaty rights to live on the land, worship and exist as a sovereign nation.


      • CANADA is third party to the Treaty System between the Crown the respective First Nation signed. CANADA is a corporation running in insolvency since the Gold Standard was dismantelled and before that it was the Dominion of Canada (Corp.) and before that it was Upper and Lower Canada, all went bankrupt and under Crowns Authority became new coporations, So the Crown is party, not CANADA…CANADA has a duty to uphold the Treaty between the Crown and the First Peoples here. You are also correct in my understanding that no treaties were ever signed without being under duress, that gave up all title to the land…it is not anyones to give title too…The land is our ancestors and is just a part of us as the water and air and all of creation, for one of us to say it is mine is ludicrous…Humanity is growing up now though from childhood to adulthood and hopefully this reveals the truth of ownership and property, we say “Property is Robbery” in our circles…The change begins within or we will all go wothout…I gaurentee that…it is a Quantum fact as well as Ancestral knowledge…Thank you for your comment…Aboriginal is also a CANADIAN term…we do not call ourselves AB – Original…and CANADA’s ABORIGINAL PEOPLE is a very disturbing sentence…not that you used it but the Gov’t of CANADA does…if the MNR and CANADA cared so much for the stewardship of the land too, they would pay of all the lease agreements and backdated oweing funds for all lands used by Corporation CANADA for the business of profiting from…that would bankrupt the Corporation once again though (corporation = country) this is the words of the gov’t reps too…so basically anyone who signed a treaty and/or engaged in a lease, like the Six Nations, were completely ripped off, never paid and left high and dry and today the robbers have the media and most people so ignorant to the truths that the First Peoples of Turtle Island, over 100 million murdered in 500 years, look like the bad guys…I am so grateful for truth, it just has to stand there and not care if anyone agrees or not…it is the truth…I could go on and on…but the truth is I don;t know all the truth either…together we will find the truth, reconcile the gap between what we were taught in school and forgive so we may all be free to move forward together for the sake of life and our connection to it and not for the sake of this quaters profit, shareholder dividends or paying the bills this month….return to Mother Earth and All our Relations, hell even get rid of the Gregorian Christian Calender and lets get back to the moon, the calender is great so I don;t miss an appointment in a week or month, but what is Tuesday, January??? Abstract illusions and do not exist in nature, but the Moon sure does and so does the sun and so do the stars…it is all inside us, we were born naked oof our Mothers’ waters with everything we needed inside…and on that note, happy Mother Day to all the wonderful Women in the World who have brought life to our communities…Go within or go without…Peace begins in the heart…a Junior Kindergarden knew that answer to the question “Where does peace begin?” most adults have to think about it or do not know…Much love and Turth to all.


  2. Simcoe Resident says:

    “For example, even talk about physically altering a nationally recognized military cenotaph at the park can escalate to something like the Oka Crisis.”

    I don’t think Ian Taylor thinks before he posts his ideas.

    If I was one of his followers, I would have asked “Are you authorized to do this work?” What happens if he damages it? Who is going to pay for the repairs?


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