Where did the money go that you donated to Ian Taylor’s group to “Save our Springwater” park?

From what I understand, the money collected to “Save Springwater Park” at places like Zehrs on Bayfield Street in Barrie…

fosp zehrs

…was deposited in a for-profit entity called Friends of Springwater Provincial Park.

No talk of amounts taken from take for expenses, that I can recall.

This is NOT a certified “Friends of Provincial Park” group like the Friends of Algonquin or Friends of Awenda are (see here). Presumably the Ministry of Natural Resources approves of Mr. Taylor’s use of the park’s name and Ontario Parks program to fund raise over these past +7 months or so.

FOSP logo

And then all of part of those funds are moved into another legal entity called “People for Parks Environmental Initiative” which is said to be not-for profit.

people for parksRod Jackson, MPP Barrie awarded Mr. Taylor a certificate of appreciation, specifically, for his fundraising acumen.

FOSP Rod Jackson

Mr. Taylor wrote a letter to the editor to the Barrie Examiner on April 8, 2012, called Does Closed Gates Mean Closed Minds?. Some of the 27 comments are listed below:

2. Ian Taylor
If you don’t support our group than please just go away and leave your negative comments and accusations to your self please. If you have something you wish to discuss than contact me and I would be more than happy to discuss with you what our group has done and is continuing to do.
Thank you

3. Kimberly Hopkins
When I spoke to Ken Lacroix from the MNR via email a few weeks ago to inquire about your intentions with the park, his response was, “The Friends of Springwater are not an official organized group with the Ministry – we have no agreement in place with them. There is currently no business plan in place for the Ministry to review from any organization and I am unaware of the … fundraising efforts.”If you have no affiliation with the park and there is no business plan in place for the park, where exactly is the fundraising money going? Will there be proper accounting and transparency this time (as opposed to the fundraising that you have already been doing under the table since October)? How much of this collected money will be spent on gas and windshield washer fluid, as it was last time?I would really like to support your group because I love Springwater PP, but sadly your continued lack of accountability, transparency and professionalism are a huge turn off for many.

4. Ian Taylor
I’m sorry you feel that way.

5. SM99987
That is probably why the MNR wanted nothing to do with them. Some of the Friends of Springwater Park are not so friendly.

6. Pops Eagles
*** UPDATED *** Change of Direction by this poster

Take your negativity elsewhere TROLL… https://twitter.com/SM99987

*** seems your comments sparked me to investigate further and possibly re-evaluate my opinion.

1. It is my conclusion, after asking members of FOSPP just how they plan to keep the park open, raise funds, man the gates, etc… and where is the Business Plan …. WOW, what a shock to find myself immediately REMOVED from posting. I am or WAS a supporter. The executive members of FOSPP (full of shite puppet pawns, imho) who are ruining it for the people who sincerely would like to keep the park OPEN. If by eliminating any negative comments, you IAN are saying essentially… if you disagree with us TOO BAD, give us your taxes anyway. WELL Sir, and I use that title with reserve… and SM99987, I apologize (even though I am the opposite end of the PUNK scale). Even us elderly can be blindsided by EMOTIONAL Trolls. I wish to see the park stay open BUT NEVER with this group any where near the CASH

7. SM99987
I am not intimidated by a group of uneducated punks.

8. Patrick_Doyle1

Did this group within the last week promote Patrick Brown for the FAQ MP of the year. I hope people understand that to become a non-for-profit you can’t lobby support from any politician.

I have been trying to understand this fight as the park is still a park. But I see you turned it into a political game with the recent endorsement on the facebook page for Patrick Brown.

I’m all for green space and this cause would have my full support if the province was selling the land but its not doing that. The park is still a park that everyone can now enjoy for free. As for the wildlife, this is why people walk into a park to search for them and see them in their natural habitat. So I don’t understand that fight either.

9. Ian Taylor
Friends of Springwater Provincial Park is not a non for profit!

10. Patrick_Doyle1
Here is the quote from the letter above. I’m going to guess it was you who wrote this article? If not you guys are not on the same page.

“friends of Springwater Provincial Park now have official Non for Profit
status under the name People for Parks Environmental Initiative.”

11. SM99987
They did promote Patrick Brown on their Facebook page. Then the admin of that page deleted it a few hours later.

Don’t expect an answer from these people. They don’t think they have to explain themselves to anybody.

12. Kimberly Hopkins
They delete a lot from their page. Anyone who asks too many questions or anyone who criticizes them at all will have their comments deleted. On a side note, it’s funny that now they are interested in working with other groups. They were bashing another group on facebook back in October, and when I questioned who the other group was, my comments were deleted. Ian commented on the Springwater Citizens coalition blog, attacking their involvement with Simcoe Aware and Idle No More, yet now he supports them? (He later deleted his comments of course). I guess they only want to play nice for the media.

13. Ian Taylor
I do not support Mr. Stewarts group or Idle No More I find your one sided comments insulting. Lets make sure we stay positive and move forward.
thank you

14. Patrick_Doyle1

I’m starting to see a scam here? First you say in this letter that you are now a non-for-profit , then you post to one of my post saying you are not a non-for-profit? Which one is it?

Maybe you are looking for a big pay check and see this as a way to do it? But you are not explaining yourself properly at all here on these boards. If you can’t get your facts in order between an article and the comment section how do you think you can operate a park with this type of inconsistency? Or does it come back to money again? Maybe you think you have enough support ( financially) to keep it open and have 100% volunteers to look after the park while you take home a pay check?

Sorry, I’m not seeing a guy that wants to save a park, I’m seeing a conservative who wants to have a bigger bank account.

This park is still a park whether or not its maintained by someone. I only see dollar signs from you in wanting this park to be operational.

15. Moment_In_Time
You do not support Les’s group for standing up for the same cause? Why not? You do not support Idle No More for also standing up for the same cause? Why not? You do not support or you are against? Which is it?

Now comments are closed,,, avoidance?

16. SM99987
They will tell you that you are negative and then they will tell you to “believe” haha

17. Ian Taylor
Is deleting not a good thing? If its against policy and procedure for a non for profit than we corrected the problem. We are all new to this and some things you must learn as you go. We learn from our mistakes and it makes us better at the end of the day.

18. SM99987
Friends of Springwater Park, how much money have you raised so far?

These upgrades are a significant amount of money.

20. SM99987
Where is the upfront money going to come from? You don’t think all these upgrades are going to be done for free? Are any of you in this Springwater Park group willing to put up your own houses or can you get the credit from your bank? Was this addressed in the business plan?

You are counting on volunteers to stand at a gate and run a store? How long will that last? Who is going to coordinate it? Is that person going to do it for free?

Forget the animals. It is a major cost.

If I was the MNR and you approached me with this plan, I would think you are not being realistic.

21. Ian Taylor
Please do your homework on our group before leaving such negatives comments.
Thank You.

22. Roger Duverson
sm99987 has some valid questions. Who is going to cover the up-front costs and how long will volunteers continue to run the store/gate for. This all sounds great but I don’t think its a realistic long term solution.

23. SM99987
They are legitimate questions. You have no idea who I am or who is reading here. Maybe I am related to Kathleen Wynne or maybe I am one of those at the MNR that makes recommendations whether we should even speak to you? You don’t know.

24. Ian Taylor
Exactly WE have no idea who you are so don’t expect answers to your questions. Lets try to be open, positive and honest.
That’s how you will get a response. Attacking a group is not helpful and quite frankly I have more important things to do, like fighting to keep this park operational for ALL to enjoy.
Thank You.

25. SM99987
This is not he letters to the editors. I don’t have to identify myself. Based on your answers, I have decided to lobby against your group having anything to do with running this park. You are unprofessional.

27. Roger Duverson
SM99987 is being realistic, more realistic than people who think volunteers will keep this park open to the standards we are used to.

sm99987 says “maybe I am one of those at the MNR that makes recommendations whether we should even speak to you”… if you are… I hope you decide not to speak to anyone until the occupation ceases.

FYI: To see Mr. Ian Taylor‘s response to this post, click here and go to Comment 5 or see below:

“Connect Deeply with Nature. Find Community. Know Thyself.”


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