Material Need alert: Lack of Accessibility to Springwater Park – Camp Nibi is a real problem for the most vulnerable Ontarians.

The oldest, the youngest, new moms, those with limited mobility and the wheelchair-bound are effectively barred from Springwater Provincial Park because of the 3/4 km., uphill journey into the heart of the park.


The main gate.

Both gates.


Other new, manufactured physical obstacles.


The physically-challenged citizens cannot participate or learn about in traditional spiritual ceremonials and practices such as a Water Song.


Or celebrate community-building, such as the 4th anniversary of the Stop Dump Site 41 victory.

Creating barriers for sharing, conversation and learning is something that Beth is trying to avoid.

Accessibility carts

One solution would be some “Accessibility Taxis”.


This is our best idea in driving toward a “Barrier-Free and Accessible Ontario by 2025“.

If you or someone you know can help, please call Beth at 705 790-7745 ( or 705 737-4635 (

Or why not come out to the weekly Saturday potluck dinner at 5 pm at Camp Nibi (map)to ask Beth directly how you might be able to help making their dream a reality for all communities?

Your children and grand children will never forget what they learn.



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