The Anishinabek Teaching Lodge at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi is well on its way to solving everyone’s problems.

Drawing on ancient teachings and wisdom, a special teaching place enhances an “unwanted” public park.
Lodge part2

On the site of an over-grown shuffleboard pad in an abandoned provincial park.

Abandoned shuffleboard

A lodge is a type of spiritual “doorway” that links several levels. the upper- and lower-worlds. Past, present and future. A focus, a locus of pride, unity, strength and vision.

Lodge full

From the interpretations of the very special people who have been drawn to Camp Nibi, this specific lodge is a very, very positive action.

Lawrence Kim

This is the 3rd lodge built as a co-operative action by First and Settler Nations in Simcoe County.


The first lodge at Stop Dumpsite 41 was key to breaking the back of that +20 year misunderstanding.

Beth Mel

The 2nd one still stands at Awenda Provincial Park.


First Nations peoples have never relinquished their rights to harvest the land in keeping with their spiritual practices.


These are not “special” considerations or anyone “being nice” or tolerant or charitable. These are “supra-laws” (treaty rights) that pre-dated and supersede any subsequent settler laws.


That non-aboriginals individuals helped out was by invitation and reflects our hostess’ grace, good humour and generosity.


Everyone is welcomed to ask how they might contribute in furthering these aims.

Beausoleil Island First Nation

Beausoleil First Nation


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