Top 10 viewed posts on so far.


Top 10 Posts viewed

  1. Friends of Springwater Provincial Park: their financial record
  2. Cat’s-paw: a pawn or dupe
  3. Any community groups that are sucking up to the MNR when Springwater Park ownership is under question, are helping provoke a confrontation.
  4. Idle No More in Barrie: Flash Mob Round Dance, Georgian Mall Barrie, ON, Boxing Day, 2 pm.
  5. Simcoe County politicians could finance the Springwater Park “losses” for almost 150 years, if they wanted to
  6. Sunnidale Park in Barrie should be a model for protecting Springwater Provincial Park from being sold
  7. Sunday March 17: Round Dance with your Neighbours to support Springwater Park
  8. Goldhawk Fights Back against the Springwater Provincial Park Closing
  9. What do the Youth think about closing Springwater Provincial Park?
  10. Interested in understanding the real reason Springwater Provincial Park is closing?

October 23, 2012 to May 28, 2013


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