The Ministry of Natural Resources and Friends continue to block for ON Premier Kathleen Wynne in her dealings with First Nations at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi

Every game, dialogue or negotiation has rules that must be honoured if they are to be judged to be characterized  to be in good faith.


That Premier Wynne continues to refuse to talk to or consult with the elected chiefs of the relevant First Nations, gives the distinct impression that she is fighting a rearguard, and intimately futile, contest in this land claim/land reclamation dispute.

The MNR continues to manage a culturally important aboriginal project that started last Sunday.

This story is firmly in the Premier’s office.

Clipping (American football):

In gridiron football, clipping is the illegal act of a blocker contacting a non-ballcarrying opponent from behind and at or below the waist. In most leagues, the penalty is 15 yards, and if committed by the defense, an automatic first down. It is prohibited because it has the potential to cause injury.


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