The Vespra Boys cenotaph at Springwater Park: The meaning within the stone.

We’re just beginning to understand the significance of this Department of Defence, Wilfred Owen-inspired very rare nationally-registered memorial.

See: Memorial Number: 35078-012.

Memorial RPPC B&W 3 swans

The memorial is much more than just a crucifix-topped, local stone, seven foot tall structure with two marble plaques (Latin and Bible verses), a perpetually-running water fountain with a child step, goldfish-filled pond: a lovingly landscaped tribute to the fallen and returning Vespra veterans which was intentionally sited at the very entrance to the park.

The memorial is all this, yes, but it is not defined by cold mortar, granite and marble. It is the geography, thought behind it and a system of meaning that it represents to those that care. It’s about the community, friends and particularly the families of those 18 men.

Memorial B&W History of Vespra 1959

Another image from A History of Vespra Township, 1987, p. 156.

Memorial RPPC B&W Midland

Another view.

Memorial Colour

The top two RPPCs (real photographic postcards) are important historical references. The colorized versions tend to be less accurate historically. Note how the electrical light pole behind the cairn has been left out of the drawn image.


What the site looked like last November 11th before the ceremony. The “colours” (charter flag) is of the Vespra Legion Branch 149 (a small part of that story).


Master of Ceremonies Wayne Cameron put it all together. Adam’s exceptional YouTube response and a post summing up what the young think. Mr. Doug Ransom who is retired CDN who served in the Viet Nam war as a Marine Corps photographer captured the ceremony on a slideshow.

Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen, 1893 – 1918, English poet and soldier, Dulce Et Decorum Est poem


One Response to The Vespra Boys cenotaph at Springwater Park: The meaning within the stone.

  1. Ann says:

    This cenotaph and its history is really fascinating; and it should be restored to its former glory before it deteriorates any further.
    If we don’t honour the past..we have no future.


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