Journey for Earth walkers show support to Springwater Park – Camp Nibi

From Saskatchewan to Ottawa — 3,448 kilometres — April 6th to June 21st — to draw attention to attacks on Mother Earth.

Mother earth

Walking from Saskatchewan to Ottawa to protest the dumping of nuclear waste on their lands, Sharon Veley, left, Rueben Roy, Bryan Whitstone, Geron Paul and Nancy Greyeyes stopped by the native camp at Springwater Park on Tuesday. The group expects to be in Ottawa by the end of June.

The Barrie Examiner and Cheryl Browne write today, Journey for Mother Earth:

Feet bruised and bleeding, Sharon Veley sits beside the sacred fire in the healing lodge in Springwater Provincial Park and looks out at the grey threatening sky.

Running 20 kilometres a day in sore feet is bad. Running in the rain is harder.

“It’s so humbling this journey,” Veley said with tears shining her eyes. “Your spirit just gets so full, sometimes it pours out of my eyes.

Twenty kilometres a day of running for the Journey for Earth (or Nishiyuu)

After meeting Elizabeth Brass Elson at the Serpent River Robinson Huron Treaty Gathering just south of Sault Ste. Marie one week ago, the four walkers turned south with a mind to visit the Anishinaabe women at Camp Nibi, their name for Springwater Park that means fresh or spring water, in their language.

Several Anishinabe women, including Brass Elson, moved in to occupy the park the day after the Ministry of Natural Resources changed its function from operational to non-operational status on March 31.

Only a few deer and the trumpeter swan remain at the park.

Brass Elson, the women’s water commissioner for the south east region and lead occupier at Camp Nibi, welcomed the foursome with open arms, impressed with the 2,800 kilometres they’ve already travelled to bring awareness to water issues in northern Canada.

“This really is a call out to all Canadian natives and allies – anybody who cares about the water and the land – that it’s time to take responsibility of our resources and to start protecting our lands, water and air,” Brass Elson said.

 — Journey for Earth Facebook page


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