When will the MNR start “knocking the buildings down” at Springwater Park?

Ontario Parks staff developed a “de-commissioning plan” (which they did not mention) when they abandoned Springwater Park in 2012.

NICMM front

And they’re actively working that plan while refusing to meet with Beausoleil First Nations, community groups and interested parties at the same time.

A May 20, 2013 CBC news article, 7 provincial parks closed due to Ontario MNR budget cuts (Ministry of Natural Resources wants municipalities, community groups to run parks):

Bruce VanStaalduinen, who speaks for Ontario Parks, said that just because parks are no longer operating, it doesn’t mean they can’t reopen.

But he said the Ministry of Natural Resources would need help to do so.

“We’re still interested in partnerships where we can find them,” VanStaalduinen said. “Therefore, we’re not knocking the buildings down, or taking the pipes out of the ground just yet.”

“knocking the buildings down”, “taking the pipes out of the ground”, “just yet.

It seems the MNR is either:

  1. not intending ever to partner with anyone (sell the land via divide-and-conquer games) or
  2. only interested in partnering with groups they find “acceptable”.

Is this Minister Orazietti, Ken Lacroix and the Wynne government’s idea of acting in good faith?


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