Kathleen Wynne’s ministers are pleased one of their seven abandoned parks are being downloaded for 12 months.

Elliott Lake deserves to keep Mississagi Provincial Park permanently: not just for one or two years.

Ontario Parks

That seems to be the written law anyways.

News Release dated June 3, 2013:

Ontario Launches Pilot at Mississagi Provincial Park
Province, City of Elliot Lake Working Together to Operate Park
Ministry of Natural Resources

Ontario is working with the City of Elliot Lake to continue providing camping and other services at Mississagi Provincial Park for the 2013 season.

Under a proposed one-year pilot project, Ontario Parks will work with Elliot Lake to operate Mississagi Provincial Park with the goal of increasing revenue and visitation rates. The city will be responsible for staffing, operational and capital costs while covering any net financial losses incurred during the pilot period.

In September 2012, the province announced it was changing Mississagi Provincial Park and nine others from operating to non-operating designation because of low usage and financial losses. Since then, Ontario Parks has been working with three municipalities to operate Fushimi Lake, René Brunelle and Ivanhoe Lake provincial parks under two-year pilot projects.

Ontario is committed to working collaboratively with municipalities to strengthen the economy and sustain jobs for families.

Quick Facts

  • The 2013 season for Mississagi Provincial Park will begin on June 14.
  • In 2012, Ontario’s provincial parks received more than nine million visits and brought in $69 million in revenue, which supported jobs and businesses all across the province.
  • There are more than 330 provincial parks in Ontario and more than 100 feature visitor facilities. Many Ontario provincial parks provide barrier-free facilities.
  • Campsites can be reserved online 24 hours a day or by calling the park reservation line at 1-888-ONT-PARK between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily.

Minister DavidDavid Orazietti
I’m pleased we have reached an agreement with the City of Elliot Lake to operate Mississagi Provincial Park for the enjoyment of Ontarians. In listening to Ontarians, and particularly northerners, we have worked collaboratively with the local municipality and First Nations to develop a pilot that will allow the park to provide overnight camping and other services for the 2013 season.”

David Orazietti
Minister of Natural Resources

Minister Mike

Michael Gravelle
“I’m tremendously pleased an agreement has been reached for the 2013 season. Mississagi Provincial Park is certainly a showcase of Northern Ontario’s natural beauty and I look forward to seeing this pilot project help maximize overnight camping opportunities going forward.”

Michael Gravelle
Minister of Northern Development and Mines

This could not have happened without the hard work of citizen volunteers and the cooperation of the Minister and his staff. I want to personally thank Minister Orazietti for expediting this project to ensure the park will be open for the summer season. It is an important part of the cultural and economic life of Elliot Lake.”

Rick Hamilton
Mayor, City of Elliot Lake

To review the facts from a Springwater Park in Midhurst perspective.

Springwater Park was…

  1. the only park abandoned in the MNR’s southern region (0.6% of the Ontario Parks are in their self-defined Southern Region). Please see: Who is selling off all the public lands in Springwater Township?
  2. the MNR has a clear institutional conflict of Interest (they are both monopoly crown land seller and operator of Ontario Parks),
  3. the only (now last) provincial park with a animal sanctuary,
  4. the only non-camping park closed this year, and
  5. the unfortunate “island” of 477 acres of public green space in a sea of 1,087 acres of MNR- and 2,290 acres of County of Simcoe-controlled forests while this host municipality (Midhurst) is scheduled to grow by over 8 times its size (Midhurst Secondary Plan). Please see: Is the provincial government both fueling and profiting from a real estate bubble which benefits developers, the MNR sales team and the County of Simcoe?

Very pleasing financial results for real estate opportunists and their supporters.

Exactly how does this squares the Wynne government’s 2006 legal objective “to permanently protect a system of provincial parks” for the benefit of future Ontarians is less clear.


One Response to Kathleen Wynne’s ministers are pleased one of their seven abandoned parks are being downloaded for 12 months.

  1. Barb Hedderly says:

    Very interesting, something fishy going on here.


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