Ontario deserves a stand-alone Forestry Museum in Midhurst.

And Springwater Park – Camp Nibi is the ideal spot to locate to commemorate two founding fathers of provincial environmentalism.

Drury zavitz a

Former Premier E.C. Drury (l., 1878-1968) and Dr. Edmund Zavitz (1875-1968) worked tirelessly over decade to create a process that resulted in 2 billion trees being planted in Ontario. Our province has an internationally-recognized natural and human resource of skilled foresters, country forests and tree “farmers”.

Mr. Gord Miller the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario says we need one more billion trees to get to the recommended 30 per cent tree coverage for southern Ontario.

Let’s recognize these early water protectors not just with two life-sized bronze statues but with a provincial Forestry Museum that will tell the story of material world redemption. British Columbia has one, btw.

At the same time, let’s also work re-establishing public assets such as the Midhurst Forest Station which produced 8 to 10 million seedlings annually. It’s never too late to correct a +20 year mistake when the tree nursery system was dismantled.

Image courtesy of Mr. Ed Borczon, RPF and Dr. Bacher, Two Billion Trees and Counting: The Legacy of Edmund Zavitz, 2011, p. 119.


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