Terry Craig’s Old Midhurst Road is the Midhurst I love.


From the album My Birch Bark Tree, 1975.

Terry Craig My Brich Bark Tree

Click to listen to Track 4, Side One: The Old Midhurst Road.

In August 2013, Terry confirmed for me that this song reflects the beauty of Finlay Mill Road, from Bayfield Street, past Willow Creek and onto Doran Road.

The Old Midhurst Road

If you’ve walked down the Old Midhurst road
Then you’ve learned enough to teach the young and old
That in the autumn of the year when the sun is so sincere
And the colour seems to hypnotize your soul.

Then you can let a little something with your time
Fall into the arms of the living.
Let a little sunshine fall again your way to show you’re proud.
Just to walk down the Old Midhurst road
You’ll realize you’re in an atmosphere alone.

But if you’ve got the time to spare to breathe the fresh clean country air,
Then a mile or two ahead won’t seem so far.

Words and Music by Terry Craig, Registered with SOCAN. Photograph by Lorne Orser.



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