Is the ON Ministry of Natural Resources capable of getting all the Springwater Park stakeholders at one table, at one time, and in one place?

After more than 5 months, how many times has the MNR tried?

White Pine District Office

On December 6, 2012 the SPCC and the MNR met at the White Pine Boardroom (top left) on Nursery Road, Midhurst, just south of the MNR District Office (r).

These are the stakeholders:

  1. Beausoleil First Nation (Indian Act band council),
  2. Ministry of Natural Resources/Ontario Parks,
  3. local governments (Springwater Township, Simcoe County and City of Barrie),
  4. AWARE Simcoe,
  5. Jim Wilson MPP,
  6. Premier Wynne’s office,
  7. community groups (Ian Taylor and Les Stewart),
  8. Midewiwin Lodge (Anishinabe educational and spiritual leaders, see Thoughts from a Born-Again, and
  9. Springwater Park – Camp Nibi grandmothers (Elizabeth Brass Elson).

How sincere is it  for the MNR to claim (1) that they want a partnership and then (2) refuse to meet with everyone, in the same room, at the same time?

The Ministry has met with almost everyone separately. Several times, in fact.

Why not try getting together and problem-solve in good faith?


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