What did the circa 1929 Vespra Boys cenotaph look like when the Department of Defence agreed to list it as a registered war memorial?

Defence has a National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials (NICMM) which has now 6,664 Canadian memorials recorded.

Major John R. Fisher did the survey, registered it and took these pictures (click here to go to the pictures).







The Springwater Park cairn is listed as Memorial 35078-012 (click here to go to the NICMM listing itself).

Maj Fisher1

For over 50 years, this cairn was the centre piece of the unfortunately now inactive Vespra Legion 149. Barrie Legion 147 has kept faith by keeping the the 149’s colours safe, sound and unaltered since 1976.

Canadian Legion Branch: 'Vespra 149'

The Vespra Legion 149 flag flew for the first time in +30 years last Remembrance Day.



3 Responses to What did the circa 1929 Vespra Boys cenotaph look like when the Department of Defence agreed to list it as a registered war memorial?

  1. Simcoe Resident says:

    Ian Taylor is claiming he is “refurbishing” this cenotaph. I remember when the announcement was made and I don’t recall Ian Taylor or his Facebook group having anything to do with restoring this cenotaph.

    Ian Taylor, this is taxpayer’s money being used to fund this restoration.. Canadians contributed to funding the restoration.

    Ian Taylor, it is not your money and it is not you restoring it. Stop taking credit for any of it. I am going to be there remembrance day. and I suggest you find some other people to fool.


    • Les Stewart says:

      Would it surprise you that the the cenotaph (as of last Friday) has been sand blasted a sickening white, the pedestal corner broken off, and the marble inscription blasted so you cannot read it hardly?

      I objected to Ian Taylor’s plan in the summer to use chemicals and powerblasting as too aggressive and damaging. They monument looks perfect for a +80 antique…you don’t strip and re-finish a Stradivarius violin.

      So Taylor convinces the MNR to let them in to permanently deface a circa 1929, patina-rich heritage war memorial by sand blasting the soft lime-based mortar and marble and granite field stones into oblivion.

      Go by and check it out. It’s a disgrace and a total waste of taxpayers’ money and a slap in the face of all who want to preserve military history in Canada.


      • Simcoe Resident says:

        I will check it out when I get some time. I don’t live that far away. I don’t trust Ian Taylor. He didn’t push for this project because he cares about the monument.


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