Jack Garner deserves the lion’s share of the credit when Springwater Park is saved.

Without Jack, it would have been impossible to secure the long term 193 ha. green space for all of Simcoe County residents.

Jack Garner

One of my greatest teachers: in this world and the next. I wrote about Arch Brown once and I will do the same about Mr. Garner. But in a very, very long time, God willing.

Jack’s mega-legacy will be saving Springwater Park: the home to the Vespra Boys cenotaph.


6 Responses to Jack Garner deserves the lion’s share of the credit when Springwater Park is saved.

  1. Ann says:

    What is this all about? Is this a sick joke?
    Jack Garner was just removed from SPP by the OPP a few days ago for harrassing and threatening Beth and her FN group, and he is now banned from entering the park for one year!


    • Simcoe Resident says:

      I looked online on a few websites if any incident happened at the park and I found nothing. That does not mean something did not happen. The FN group may not want to post about it.


  2. Ian Taylor says:

    Seriously! Where do you come up with these Bullshit accusations & lies. All this Les Stewart Blog is, is a place to bully and attack people who are only trying to do good and reopen the Park.
    With new Cyber Bullying laws in place you may want to be more careful with your post.
    Thank you


    • Ann says:

      Ian..why don’t you check with the OPP if you think I’m lying!
      You’re the one who’s not telling the truth and deceiving people and spewing hatred towards the FN women at SPP.


  3. Simcoe Resident says:

    Mr. Taylor, Ann’s post may not be accurate. I have monitored your “friends” Facebook page and you have used it to libel these FN ladies at Springwater park. After a few hours, you delete it after a few people speak up. You have no credibility threatening people with cyberbullying.

    You also have been banned from a FN Facebook page that supports the FN women at Springwater Park because the administrators were concerned for the safety of the FN ladies at the park.

    I appreciate what Les Stewart does here.


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