Springwater Township, Ontario, Canada


  1. The Midhurst Secondary Plan, MSP is a violation of provincial growth plans.
  2. The Province of Ontario broke their own rules when they dropped the appeal of 50 per cent of the MSP.
  3. The closing of Springwater Provincial Park and the MSP are related.
  4. The MSP is the tip-of-the-iceberg of the “unofficial” plan for Simcoe County.
  5. Barrie will annex Springwater Township (attempt to resolve 1. to 4.).


Short-term concentrated corporate interests can temporarily subvert provincial, county, and township representative democracies (diffused power). All taxpayers will pay in the long-term for this multi-level opportunism (deceit with self-interest) delivered via credence good providers.

Old Midhurst Road, Terry Craig


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