Sincere appreciation for Remembrance Day 2013 and hope for a new beginning for Springwater Park

Donna Hawthorne calls for “heart and hope” and a renewed vigour from Simcoe County and Springwater Township.

Four flags

The flags of Canada, Ontario, the County of Simcoe and Springwater Township were displayed during Monday’s Armistice (Remembrance) Day ceremonies at Springwater Provincial Park. BOB BRUTON/BARRIE EXAMINER


Springwater News
November 21, 2013

Remembrance Celebration at Springwater Park
Donna Hawthorne

This is my letter of great appreciation to all that were involved with the organizing and preparation of the special Remembrance Day celebration that took place at Springwater Park in Midhurst.

It was like no other celebration that I have ever attended in the past. The ceremony opened with Reverend Black from Tiny Township. Rev. Black was very involved with Site 41. He spoke with eloquence and ascendancy. The cenotaph is surrounded by giant spruce trees which swayed in the wind as the bagpiper played. It was a treat to have the young people from Eastview Secondary School recite the names of the “Vespra Boys”, sing with heart “Amazing Grace” and lay a wreath. The native people attended and also laid a wreath. I thank them for their diligence and warm strong heart for remaining on this special park. It was nice to see two representatives of our Springwater Council, Councilors Jack Hanna and Sandy McConkey. They laid a wreath representing the township. This memorable celebration was attended by over one hundred residents who encircled the cenotaph with their memories of ones they lost and for the “Vespra boys”. I hope they all went away with optimism in their hearts that this will be a new beginning for Springwater Park. It must be the responsibility of Simcoe County Council and Springwater Township to work strongly with the Ontario government to better preserve and save this historic park for future generations to come.

With heart and hope!

Donna Hawthorne


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