Whose pockets will be lined if Ian Taylor’s group is successful in raising $1 of the $100,000 in 60 days?

The Friends of Springwater Park’s first Indiegogo campaign raised $250 or 1.25 % of their goal.

And to boot, they don’t have any working (let alone formal) relationship with any of the defined stakeholders: park ladies, Beausoleil First Nations and Ministry of Natural Resources.

FOSP indiegogo1

1. From a comment about their latest in a long line of pleas on the public purse: 

Simcoe Resident says:

December 31, 2013 at 9:47 am

I am not sure if using crowdsource funding is appropriate when there is no agreement between FoSPP and the MNR. It was announced publically that the MNR was entering into talks with the Beausoleil nation.

2. This $100,000 goal is their second Indiegogo campaign.  The first one, registered by Brenda Devitt (Brenda Semple?),  appears to have raised $250 of $20,000 goal (1.25%) from Oct 2012 to Jan 2013.

FOSP indiegogo3

These are the two articles that announced that the park ladies, Beausoleil First Nations and the Ministry of Natural Resources are entering into an agreement.:

There is no mention of any other group or individuals.

3. I recall Mr. Taylor saying on CBC radio that he would be fundraising $250,000 each year to keep Springwater Park operational.

4. In August, a commerical sponsorship program was established but there doesn’t seem to be much written about it. See below.

ProgramsTo take money (repeatedly) knowing you cannot spend it under the conditions it was given, gives at least the perception of having the hallmarks of being a charity fraud.


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