Springwater Park trails, ponds, and playground equipment: all open for public use.

A good reminder to come out and enjoy Springwater Park.


From Laurie Watt and the Barrie Advance, Springwater Park still open for passive use, ministry sayspdf

Ministry of Natural Resources is quoted as saying:

Closed to save money last year, three community groups have been lobbying for the MNR to reopen the park and maintain its trails and washrooms. The Beausoleil First Nation had also occupied the park, but left its camp around Christmas as it began talking with the MNR about a partnership.

Those talks are continuing, ministry spokesman Jolanta Kowalski said.

“We are still in the early stages of planning, with no details ready to be released to the public and no agreement has yet been developed. However, any agreement reached would not grant exclusive use of the park to the Beausoleil First Nation,” she said.

“Springwater Provincial Park is not closed to the pubic and the MNR has no intention of prohibiting residents from enjoying the park. The park is still available to the public for walking, bird-watching and other permitted uses free of charge.”

Jack Garner and Ian Taylor of the Friends of Springwater Park are quoted.


One Response to Springwater Park trails, ponds, and playground equipment: all open for public use.

  1. lgibbon says:

    Hi Les,Is there a map of the trails in the park available (the township, MNR??) If so we will start to walk the trails and arrange for a couple of walks on the Brereton Field Naturalists’ schedule for 2014/2015 to help promote the park. We are just working on the new schedule now. I go there regularly with my granddaughter, but she is only 3 so we have not tried to walk the trails yet.Thank you,Lynne

    Birding bliss:”..a fleeting moment with a creeping phantom of the marsh.” Chris Duke

    Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 12:05:14 +0000 To: lgibbon@sympatico.ca


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