Top 10 posts viewed on since it started

Most viewed posts since October 23, 2012:

  1. Friends of Springwater Provincial Park: their financial record 439
  2. Cat’s-paw: a pawn or dupe 363
  3. Springwater Township ponies up $10,000 to help re-imagine Springwater Park – Camp Nibi 333
  4. NEWS: Ontario government, First Nation agree on joint partnership at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi 296
  5. The Fraud Triangle by Dr. David Cressey 289
  6. Any community groups that are sucking up to the MNR when Springwater Park ownership is under question, are helping provoke a confrontation. 283
  7. Are the 31,000 acres of Simcoe County Forest really The Lungs of Barrie? 253
  8. Who is responsible for the sandblasting, damage and repair of the circa 1929 Vespra Boys cenotaph at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi? 249
  9. How deep is Ian Taylor’s understanding of First Nations nation-to-nation Treaty Rights and Springwater Park – Camp Nibi? 206
  10. Idle No More in Barrie: Flash Mob Round Dance, Georgian Mall Barrie, ON, Boxing Day, 2 pm. 205

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