Is Metrus (DG Group) doing a deeply cynical end run by clear cutting the David Dunlap Forest in Richmond Hill?

Reports from this weekend indicate that 50 of the 125 acres has been clear cut.

20150430 Dunlap Forest Bacher

When the forest is gone, it’s gone.

20150430 Dunlap Forest Bacher 2

No forest :: no fight.

20150430 Dunlap Forest Bacher 1

The puny fines…Just a cost of doing business?

20150430 Dunlap Forest Bacher 3


dg group

More allegations of shenanigans, this time from the North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance:  Metrus tries to pull a fast one

Metrus SPCC

Photo taken on November 14, 2012. Les Stewart

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