Revised: Ceremonial teepee at Springwater Park torched

Beth Ian McInroy

Elizabeth Brass Elson, of Beausoleil First Nation, looks over the remains of a ceremonial teepee which was destroyed by vandals Saturday night at Springwater Provincial Park, located north of Barrie. IAN MCINROY/BARRIE EXAMINER/POSTMEDIA


Wanzel tee pee

Mark Wanzel, Barrie Examiner

Reports of May 17, 2015 arson at Springwater Park – Camp Nibi:

Tipi up

This is what the donated tee pee looked like when we put it up on August 4, 2013. I wrote about it. See: An Anishinaabe tipi now graces Springwater Park – Camp Nibi in Midhurst


A generous donation. Ten years in Debby’s family. Aboriginal Voices Radio.

Tipi Beth Sylvie

People of goodwill trying to add to the diversity of our community.



Les Marvin



The image that NOW magazine used in their September 5, 2013 article called John Bacher on Wild West sprawl wrecking Ontario parks.

NOW magazine

New information: The emergency service providers cut the chain to gain access to the park.

Images of what I discovered at the park on April 22, 2015.

Sign vandal

Near the front gate.

20150422 Sign site 1

Which was open.

20150422 Open gate

At the Anishnaabe teaching lodge which houses a sweat lodge.

20150422 Lodge 1

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