Vandals must show remorse for torching the Springwater Park teepee, says a writer to the Barrie Examiner.

August 4, 2013

Supplied photo

May 17, 2015

Wanzel tee pee

Mark Wanzel/Barrie Examiner

A letter to the Barrie Examiner entitled, Vandals must show remorse:

 (Re: ‘Vandals torch teepee’ in the May 19 edition of the Examiner)

When my family first moved to Barrie and the grandchildren were just young children and toddlers, we took them to Springwater Provincial Park many times as they loved seeing the animals that were there at the time.

We found it to be a perfect place to spend quality time together. We took a picnic lunch with us and it was a beautiful park that had so much to offer to anyone who visited there.

The beautiful trees and tranquil feeling of everything just being was as God intended it to be.

To see it close was heart-breaking and it needs to be re-opened (from non-operational), so it can become what it is meant to be. Let the native community have it and respect that they are willing to bring it back to life. Let them worship in their own way with the birds flying free in the sky and the wild animals roaming free, if any are still there.

The world needs peace between us all and racism needs to be stopped and those who use it need to be punished by law.

Whoever vandalized the teepee should be ashamed of themselves and their families should be ashamed of their actions and let them know they are disappointed in them.

If the parents are racists as well, then there is not much hope the ones who did this will feel remorse – as children learn what they see and are taught by their parents

It was a disgusting act and should be punishable by law. I hope the culprits are found and are made to pay for the damage done.

I am not native, but I respect the native people and am sure there are some who do bad things, but you will find that in any nationality.

There is not one person better than the other and we were all created equal in God’s eyes. Society needs to accept this and just move on. We can live in harmony and peace if we all work together in making the world a better place.

We should respect each other, accept the differences in us all, be kind to others and teach our children at a young age that it is OK to be different, and that we should all respect and help each other.

Things can change but we all have to want to see change for the better.

If the people who vandalized the park see this letter, please think about what you did and own up to it. Offer to build another teepee and apologize.

This can be turned around and you can show you have remorse. The reason you did this is not the issue, but correcting it and owning responsibility for your actions is.

Ask for forgiveness and then receive it, and then everybody can move on.

Margie Millar




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