The 26th Annual Barrie Pow Wow was a huge success, starting with The Grand Entry.

Full credit to Springwater Township Mayor Bill French for his participation as our representative on both days.

Barrie Pow Wow Bill FrenchAn excerpt from the Barrie Native Friendship Centre (BNFC) Pow Wow program, June 13 and 14, 2015:

The Grand Entry

The Grand Entry signals the start of the Pow Wow and brings together the singers, drummers, and dancers who participate in the celebration. It sets aside a special time for showing respect to the various dancers and their styles of dancing. it is a time for remembering our values, our country, and our Creator.

The eagle staff is the oldest of the Indian symbols, harkening back to the day of the famous Dog Soldiers, the most valiant warriors of the plains. Only the Dog Soldiers, and only the highest ranked among them, were originally allowed to carry the staff.

This tradition of valor remains even today. The Eagle Staffs are the flags for the Native nations. They receive the same degree of respect that war veterans accord to the American and Canadian flags. Today the staffs are carried into the Pow Wow by one who has earned the right in battle (war veterans), or by one who had earned the honour in the eyes of the Pow Wow committee.

Most Pow Wows maintain that following order of entrance: the Eagle Staff together with the American and Canadian flags lead the procession. Indian princesses and braves who represent different reserve or organizations follow. The Elders, the traditional dancers, the grass dancers, the fancy dancers, the order may be shuffled to highlight certain categories ie. children. Generally the order is maintained. An Elder offers the invocation for the day and Pow Wow begins.

Always the last to leave the Pow Wow, the traditional dancers carry the Eagle Staff and flags from the arena.

Springwater Park was announced as the permanent home of the BNFC Pow Wow.


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