AWARE Simcoe and the changes at Springwater Park.

Our childrens’ children will be stronger with diversity if we can try to set aside some of our preconceived ideas.

The article from AWARE Simcoe:



Here in Simcoe County, the fight to stop Dump Site 41 marked a major move forward in relations between first peoples and non-indigenous residents, after women from Chimnissing (Beausoleil First Nation) took the lead in protecting the water and the land.

Members of other nations also came to support the stand taken at the protest camp on Tiny Concession 2. Much learning and healing occurred during that summer of 2009, In October, Simcoe County Council reversed its decision. Crops now grow instead of garbage.

This local alliance has continued. Most recently, three indigenous women took the lead in protesting the closing of Springwater Park in 2013 and established Camp Nibi. That struggle has resulted in a plan for the park’s reopening under a contract with Beausoleil First Nation. That is due to happen soon if the First Nation and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry can finalize an agreement.

As the Truth and Reconciliation Commission prepares to release its final report on the Canada’s residential schools tomorrow, AWARE Simcoe shares the sorrow and joins in the hope of a bright future of harmony on Turtle Island.

Chi Miigwetch [a big thank you]

An explanation of why treaties involve everyone in Canada (click here). John Ralston Saul’s posts.


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